Enjoy farming
Enjoy farming

Welcome at Torna Tents Agro Tourism for…

  1. Relief in nature
  2. Weekend holidays
  3. Family Get-together
  4. Birthday Celebrations
  5. Adventure Camps
  6. Institutional Camps
  7. Yoga & Meditation
  8. Relief from stressful life
  9. Achievement celebrations
  10. Trainings, Seminars, Workshops

In detail

  • For a relief from day to day stressful life.
  • To get mental solace in the company of nature.
  • To experience the lifestyles of the farmer’s.
  • To get acquainted with rural culture.
  • To have pleasure in the company of friends!
  • To celebrate birthdays of intimate and dear ones.
  • To celebrate an achievement- a success.
  • To give concrete shapes to commercial concepts.
  • To exchange ideas on the company’s growth-policies of future.
  • Training, seminars or the workshops that could be conducted.
  • To display the hidden artistic tendencies – capabilities and plan programs to highlight them.
  • Meditation, Yoga – these mediums – the vigor and self-confidence growth – its direction.