What is Agro Tourism?

Agro tourism means going to farms, staying there- get information about variety of crops grown there and if such a mood comes- then do a bit to farm tasks oneself. Experiencing a farmer’s life in the proper rural sector is the objective.

Even today thousands of people though living in urban towns have their grassroots deeply embroider in rural life. For festivals or social functions people do go to their won villages, home tours. But due to work pressure do not find ample time to stay. In this situation in which the elders find themselves their children are losing their contact with their own ancestral homes, the place where their grandparents lived. They may have seen their grandparent’s houses but not really experienced them, farms too- they may have seen, but not played there. This plight of those who have their villages- one can imagine that plight in context of those whose roots are no more reachable? For all such people agro tourism is an excellent option that has come up.