For the tourists, the following facilities have been made available.

Torna Tent - Tent

Tents for Residence

For the tourists to stay, Rajasthani Tents– obviously of clothes, brought specially from Delhi have been erected. These tents are fully closed from all four sides and inside, to relax and rest, coats with mattresses on them and warm rugs-blankets to use. Every tent has been equipped with an independent western toilet & bathrooms.

At the moment, there are such 7 tents at Torna Tents. Two of them are small- suitable for families (Double Bed in 1 tent) and The other 4 are meant for families (5 coats in 1 tent).And Last one is for Group of 10 menbers.

All tents taken together, amenities provided will be sufficient for 30-35 tourists to reside at one time.


Torna tents are fully safe using CCTV facility. Each tent has mesh and iron doors with closed under Tin shed. Each tent locks to fully close.

Torna Tent - Tent inside view

Raigad Savali

Raigad Savali

For the tourists to sit, engage in gossip-chatter amongst themselves, lovely cabin- hexagonal in shape wherein they can relax in to has been put up – styled as RAIGAD SAWALI open from all sides – covered by a shed – in it 25-30 tourists can sit, relax and enjoy nature from there.

Machan – Stylised Platform

A main tourist attraction on the higher side of the farm, about 6 feet with support of Nilgiri Trees these ‘Machan’ – stylized platform have been set up. 6 persons at a time sitting on it can have a look at the far flung nature around - can see the skyline marked out by mountains around. In earlier days, farmers sitting on such platforms used to protect crops from birds.

Torna Tent - Machan

Agro Lake

Torna Lake

In the area around Torna Tents – in the farms, a small lake has been built. 15 feet in diameter and 6 feet deep. In this lake- small- younger ones and grown up can dip and swim too. For those not used to swimming, lifejackets / tubes are available. In the garden that is all around the lake- tourists can enjoy – free heart to heart open talks.


Just alongside Torna tents, Kanindi River flows. Throughout the 12 months flowing constantly. This Kanindi river is a special attraction of Torna Tents. Gunjawane Dam being on the upper side of the river, the flow of water in river is continuous. Tourists can happily enjoy by taking a dip in the river…in their heart’s content. One could say it is to move from the river’s one shore to other.

Torna Tent - River

Play Facility

Play Facility

For the benefit of children can play following games such as

  • Sea-Swa
  • Swing
  • Slide
  • Gotya
  • Viti-Dandu
  • Top
  • Chess
  • Carom
  • Cricket
  • Volleyball
  • Badminton


Cook Marinated Chicken and your other food on open fire. (Self Service)

Fruit Trees

For our tourists, we have grown fruit trees like Mango, Chiku, Sapodilla, Custard Apple, SweetLime etc.

Torna Tent - Mango